Freenet FUNK: LTE without limit in the o2 network?

mobilcom-debitel has published an interesting offer under the brand name "Freenet FUNK": for 99 cents a day you get unlimited Internet with LTE speed. There are a few special features. The administration starting with the order is completely done via an app (for Android and iOS). Postal or video identity does not have to be carried out, all you need is your identity card number and a postal address - Freenet simply sends the SIM card by post.

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Time Machine: Encrypt backup without loss of speed

Those who use MacOS will usually also use the timemachine backup. However, if the backup is to be encrypted, there are a few tricks that can be used to avoid a slow timemachine backup.

An encrypted backup is recommended because modern Macs automatically encrypt the drives using the built-in T2 chip. If the backup were to remain unencrypted, this would pose a security risk if the backup hard disk were to be lost.

Apple: iOS 11.4 released

Apple has released iOS 11.4, introducing new features. This mainly affects HomePod users, but iMessage has also been improved. Apple is delivering features that were already announced at the presentation of iOS 11. Especially Apple's "smart" loudspeakers, the HomePods, will benefit, as stereo is now possible with a pair of the devices. Also new is the possibility to synchronize messages via iCloud. iOS 11.4 includes ...

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Does Apple throttle devices with a low battery?

Currently there are reports that Apple is throttling the CPU clock on devices whose battery is no longer the fittest. Although this results in a constant runtime, the device becomes noticeably slower. For quite some time now there have been postings that iPhones become slower and slower over time, especially with new iOS versions. Now there seems to be an explanation for this: after the update to 10.2.1, which the ...

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iWood 7 Oak

Miniot iWood 7: Oak for iPhone 7

After I already used the Miniot case on the iPhone 6s (in mahogany) I decided to use the oak version on the iPhone 7. The Miniot iWood 7 "Oak" case is very precisely made in Holland. No matter which wood you choose, it is always sourced from certified sources - so you don't have to worry about the rainforest suffering. Compared to the case for the iPhone ...

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FreeNAS: .AppleDouble / .DS_Store delete

When you use a FreeNAS share with macOS, it creates different Finder metadata directories for each regular directory. To keep a backup to an external media as lean as possible, this data can be deleted, which is most easily done with a command at the Linux prompt: find . -name ".Apple*" -type d -prune -exec rm -r {} + This will delete all directories beginning with ".Apple". For ".DS_Store" ...

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Apple: iOS 10.3 released / Update: 10.3.2

Apple has released iOS 10.3 today. The official updates are quite manageable, but users of an iDevice should install the update just for security reasons. Not included in the update description is the new file system APFS ("Apple File System"), which should be used on all Apple devices. The new file system should be optimized for flash memory and work much faster than before. Important new features concern the ...

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HyperDrive adapter for Macbook Pro 2016 Hands-On

The current Macbook Pro generation is only equipped with Thunderbolt 3 ports in USB-C format. The HyperDrive adapter provides a remedy. Developed from a kickstarter campaign, the HyperDrive USB-C dongle offers a simple expansion with all necessary interfaces without reducing the number of USB-C ports: HDMI for [email protected], [email protected] Thunderbolt 3 with video support up to [email protected] or [email protected], 40Gb/s data and 100W power delivery for charging USB-C 3.1 Gen1 (5Gb/s) SD (UHS-I ...

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Apple: Updates for iOS and macOS

Apple has released updates for both iOS and macOS Sierra today. These are mainly for bug fixing and security purposes. macOS Sierra 10.12.3 brings security updates and bug fixes as well as the following updates, which Apple especially emphasizes: Improves the automatic graphics switching on Macbook Pro (Late 2016) Solves a graphics problem when encoding Adobe Premiere Pro projects on Macbook Pro with Touchbar (Late 2016) Solves a problem that causes the ...

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