Apple WWDC 2012: no iPhone 5, but iOS 6 and MacBooks

After the rumour mill cooked, the lid was lifted today. The main introductions are a new Macbook Pro 15,4″ with retina display (2.880×1.800 pixels) as well as iOS 6, which brings the abandonment of Google Maps in map display and 200 further innovations.

The new operating system for Macs, in the form of Mountain Lion, will be available in the App Store in July 2012 (for 20 US dollars, i.e. probably the same number of euros). A new feature is the dictation function, with which voice input can be used in all applications (including Microsoft Word). In addition, there are several other new features, which Golem summarizes. In the 13,3″ area, for example, the ASUS Zenbook UX32Vd or UX31A, even the Macbook Air has "only" 1,440×900 pixels - and the small Macbook Pro only 1,280×800 pixels.

MacBook Pro 15.4-inch with Retina Display

The iPhone 5 was not shown, the next chance for a presentation is in autumn, before iOS 6 is released for end users. Improved was Siri, which will be better integrated into cars in the future - BMW was explicitly mentioned, also Audi. With an additional button on the steering wheel the voice input is started. This is helpful, because the new iOS also supports turn-by-turn navigation and voice control. In addition, Siri can now also start apps, as one is used to from the corresponding Samsung solution.

In general, the groundbreaking innovations are missing, e.g. an Apple TV, iPhone 5 or a Macbook Air with retina display. There was also no update for the Mac Pro, which is actually long overdue. Nevertheless Apple shows a consequent further development of the already taken direction to merge Mac OS X and iOS.

My opinion: the big high light is missing, whether it is enough what Apple has shown will show the coming months and the share price. Maybe the iPhone 5 is also a bigger hit in terms of hardware.

Update:The PC Games Hardware has meanwhile developed the Macbook Pro Retina a test and were very impressed with both the performance and the display.

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