Fritz!OS 7.20 for Fritzbox 7590

AVM has released a new Fritz!OS version for the top model of the Fritz!Box: Version 7.20 brings a lot of new features. While many home office users depend on working internet, I installed the current version - so far without problems, the sync rate remained at 292 MBit/s.

Screenshot 2020 07 06 at 22.10.16
Fritz!OS 7.20 synchronizes like the previous version

The new features include WPA3 and improvements to the MESH network - there is no suitable software available yet for the 1750E repeater, but this will not be long in coming. The complete changelog:

  • Mesh: Mesh Steering optimizations improve WLAN performance for mobile devices. > more
  • WI-FI: WPA3 uses new encryption methods for the WLAN. At the same time, the proven protection with WPA2 ensures security and compatibility. > more
  • Home network: The new device lock makes it particularly easy to switch individual devices in the home network off and on again to access the Internet.
  • USB/memory: By default, FRITZ!Box supports the SMBv3/v2 protocol of the Windows network drive function. SMBv1 can be optionally enabled. > more
  • WI-FI: OWE/Enhanced Open (Opportunistic Wireles Encryption) enables encrypted connections at the WLAN guest access (public WLAN hotspot) > more
  • FRITZ!Fon: Smart phonebook shows suitable suggestions already during number entry
  • Telephony: Support for encrypted telephony
  • Telephony: Support for online phone books from Apple (iCloud), Telekom Mail and CardDAV providers
  • Internet: Transmission speed of VPN connections significantly improved
  • Internet: DNS over TLS for encrypted resolution of domain names
  • System: Language selection in the user interface: The user interface of FRITZ!OS is now multilingual.

For the Fritzfon C5 there is also a suitable firmware update to version 4.57, which brings the functionality of the Fritz!OS update to the phones. Also exciting: DNS over TLS is introduced in the Fritz!Box, even if you can use PiHole can already use this function easily.

The next few days will show how the Fritz!OS 7.20 performs in practice. Especially in times of Home Office users who are dependent on their internet should perhaps delay the update a little longer.

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