Who will be Austria's Seokanzler?

After the German Seokanzler was announced yesterday at the SEO-Day in Cologne, the competition now continues in Austria: whoever takes first place on google.at with the term "SEOKanzler" on the deadline, 22.11.2013, will win exciting prizes.

Since the Google index is different in Germany and Austria, it is of course more difficult to achieve anything in Austria with a German domain like kadder.de. Nevertheless you can give it a try ­čÖé

Update from 13 November 2013 - the SEO Chancellor election is still open

Although some keep bravely in the top 10, kadder.de has worked its way back up in the election for the Austrian SEO Chancellor and is currently in 26th place: "Content is king, speed is the key". Too good German: bring good content to the reader as quickly as possible (both in terms of topicality and page loading times). Sounds trite, but should be a matter of heart for the future SEO chancellor. In this sense: the billing will be on 22.11. ­čśë

Update of 08 November 2013

What possibilities do you actually have to get a chance at the Seokanzler competition? On the one hand there are of course external links, which are of course difficult to get legally (according to Google guidelines) for a small blog like this one. But above all this post is important here - after all it is the "heart" of my SEOChancellor "application". Nevertheless I tried a few things:

  1. Forwarding of a .at-domain to this article via 301
  2. Delivery of the blog via the Pagespeed service from Google incl. CDN
  3. Use of nginx as web server to optimize the page speed

Now it remains exciting how e.g. updates like this will have an effect - I don't have many hopes, at the moment I have slipped to place 50. But it is not over yet ­čÖé

Why "Seokanzler"?

This competition is about finding a fictional word (in this case Seochancellor) to be included in the index as far ahead as possible in Google. Everything is allowed, even Google News is rated. By means of backlinks, blog posts like this and all kinds of other tricks, various search engine optimizers are trying to become SEO chancellors. The word is given by the organizers of the SEO-Day or SEOkomm - the contest is already running since 07.10.2013, but there is still enough time to take part in the contest.

What do you get out of being Seokanzler?

Of course this contest is all about the fun of competing with others - and of course fame and glory in the SEO scene, at least until the next contest. Apart from that of course the Prices.

Update of 23 October 2013
My blog is currently available according to the Evaluation of dynapso at the SEOKanzler competition on place 33 - but there are still a good four weeks until the SEOkomm, a lot can still happen.


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