myGICA ATV1200: little hope with error 43

Error 43 on ATV1200
Error 43 on ATV1200

Whoever has a myGICA ATV1200 Android TV Box can be happy about the fact that Google Play works and you can install various apps. However, one problem still exists (already since several firmware versions): Error 43, "Could not retrieve license". It prevents that movies can be rented from Google. Hiding the su-binary, which is part of the ATV1200's factory root, doesn't help any more than changing the language for the playstore via the developer options.

This is a great pity, but at the moment there seems to be no solution for the error 43 problem on the ATV1200 box. Otherwise the box runs fine with XBMC, Watchever, with some tricks Netflix works too - only the Google Movie Store does not. As soon as something new should arise there, there will be an update here. If you know a solution: always mention it in the comments!


    1. Yes, they don't seem to be able to handle that, although the box should be able to play material from the Google Play Store. Is really a big shortcoming...

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