HP 250 G7: Entry level notebook with DVD drive

If you are looking for a simple notebook that still offers enough performance for all common office applications, you can get the HP 250 G7 with 8 GB RAM, quad-core Intel CPU and 256 GB SSD for a good 450 Euros (~$450). The device is offered in different configurations, the version reviewed here has the catchy name "6HM83ES" and is equipped with a quad-core Intel ...

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Logitech G703 Lightspeed "Hero" Hands-On

For a long time, "wireless" and "gaming" were not a good combination for mice, the latency was too high. This should be better with the current generation. With the G703 Lightspeed "HERO" a current alternative should be found. The G703 "Hero" has a different sensor than the previous model, which resolves with 100 to 16,000 DPI and ...

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Dell XPS 13 9360R

Dell XPS 13 (2017) 9360R - Hands-On

For a long time, dual-core CPUs with Hyperthreading were the highest of feelings in ultrabooks. With the Kaby Lake R processors, there are now also real quad-cores for on the go. The Dell XPS 13 9360 (2017) is one such ultrabook, which I subjected to a hands-on - always with the Macbook Pro user in mind (Macbook Pro 13 with Touchbar, Late 2016, Core i5-6267U). …

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Aquaero 4 on Z170 mainboards

Those who want to use an Aquaero 4.0 from Aquacomputer with a Z170 mainboard face the problem that the fan controller is not recognized. The solution is simple. With the somewhat older, but still powerful fan controller Aquaero 4.0, four fans can be controlled depending on up to six temperature sensors - perfect for a water cooling system after ...

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