Flash 10.2 for Android 2.x - as beta also for Android 3.0

The promised Flash integration for Android 3.0 "Honeycomb" tablets seems to be taking shape: Version 10.2 is now available in the Android Market, which is supposed to bring better integration into the browser under Android 3.0 as well as support for dual-core CPUs, as they are used in many tablets. On Android 2.2 and 2.3, the changes are smaller, but again, scrolling in web pages that use Flash is said to have been improved. However, there is one restriction: only a beta version is available for Android 3.0 - reading the reviews of the Motorola Xoom, this seems to be a general problem of the tablet.

The only question that remains is where the Android 3.0 tablets are: the Motorola Xoom is supposed to be launched in April, but there is still no sign of the announced devices from competitors like HTC or Samsung. Too bad, because this gives Apple more time to establish the iPad 2, which will also be sold in Germany from March 25.

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