AVM brings Fritz!Box 4020

With the Fritz!Box 4020, AVM brings the smallest router in the Berliners' product range to date. Ideal if you don't have high demands.

FRITZ!Box 4020Also a useful application: behind a "router constraint" device which cannot be replaced. With the cheap Fritz!Box 4020 you get at least WLAN according to n-standard (max. 450 Mbit/s) as well as the usual Fritz!Box functions like a private hotspot, VPN and media server.

The Fritz!Box 4020 does not include an own (V)DSL modem - here you have to rely on the fact that a corresponding device is already available.
Ideal location for the small Fritzbox, which is available at Amazon for 59,50 EuroBy means of a UMTS stick, the Fritz!Box 4020 can easily be turned into a hotspot, which can be accessed via mobile data connections provides access to the Internet. Unlike the current top model, the Fritz!Box 7490 (currently from 199,- Euro at Amazon)you get the entry into the AVM world for a quarter of the price - the only thing that is a bit incomprehensible is why AVM the little Fritz!Box no support for the 5 GHz WLAN band which would make the range of applications much wider and reduce the overlap with existing WLANs and other devices.

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