Smartwatch: Ticwatch 2 Hands-On

With the TicWatch 2, a kick-start campaign has been successfully completed and the delivery of the Smartwatches to supporters is underway. I have already received my model "Oak" and created a short hands-on.

TicWatch 2 display in sleep mode
TicWatch 2 display in sleep mode
The TicWatch 2 is manufactured by Mobvoi - the company was founded in China by former Google employees. The corresponding operating system TicWear OS is also based on Android OS. The operation corresponds to a mixture between the current Android Wear 1.5 and the upcoming Android Wear 2.0. In addition, there are own approaches regarding the operation, for example via a sensor in the frame.

At Kick starter the project has been backed within a very short time. In social media like Facebook there are also active Groupsin which data is exchanged via the TicWatch 2.

TicWatch 2: technical data

The technical data of the Chinese Smartwatch are quite up-to-date:

  • Processor: MTK MT2601 with 1.2 Ghz Dual Core
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi
  • GPS and GLONASS (European standard)
  • Wireless charging (approx. 90 minutes charging time)
  • Battery: 300 mAh
  • Not waterproof (IP65 certification)
  • 1.4 inch display with 287 DPI

Both Android (from 4.3) and iOS (from 8.0) are supported, if you couple the TicWatch 2 with an iPhone some functions are missing. Apple is more restrictive in this respect, as far as the possibilities of Smartwatches apart from the Apple Watch itself are concerned. Purely from the technical specifications, the TicWatch 2 quite very good - especially the display with OLED technology is impressive, unlike e.g. the Motorola 360 there is no sensor area which disturbs the display.

TicWatch 2: in everyday life

TicWatch 2 Weather
TicWatch 2 Weather
I have the TicWatch 2 now a few days coupled with the iPhone 7 used as a regular clock. The wearing comfort is quite pleasant, even though the watch is quite big and above all, it is also high. The latter is well concealed, as the stainless steel frame is only about half as high as the watch itself. Very practical: the display doesn't go off completely, but shows the time continuously in a reduced version (without second hand). Thus the watch always looks good and the effect of the display turning black, which is known from other Smartwatches, is avoided.

Unfortunately, the range of apps is very limited: there are various watch faces that can be used to customize the look. In addition, you are limited to the pre-installed apps, a comprehensive support by apps is not given. This makes TicWatch much less practical than it might be. Here Mobvoi definitely has to deliver more and offer much more functionality when using Android as well as iOS.

TicWatch 2: (preliminary) conclusion

TicWatch 2 Pedometer
TicWatch 2 Pedometer
With the current status of the TicWatch 2 (used was Ticwear version "Tic_4.2.6_intl") is still missing some functionality for a reasonable use as Smartwatch. But the offered functions like pedometer, GPS (only in workouts) or general notifications work very well and reliably. I will continue to use TicWear 2 for now and see how the upcoming updates will affect me.

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