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Time Machine: Encrypt backup without loss of speed

Those who use MacOS will usually also use the timemachine backup. However, if the backup is to be encrypted, there are a few tricks that can be used to avoid a slow timemachine backup.

An encrypted backup is recommended because modern Macs automatically encrypt the drives using the built-in T2 chip. If the backup were to remain unencrypted, this would pose a security risk if the backup hard disk were to be lost.

Apple: Updates for iOS and macOS

Apple has released updates for both iOS and macOS Sierra today. These are primarily for bug fixes and security. macOS Sierra 10.12.3 brings the following updates that Apple highlights, in addition to security updates and bug fixes: Improves automatic graphics switching on Macbook Pro (Late 2016) Fixes a graphics issue when encoding Adobe Premiere Pro projects on Macbook ...

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macOS "Sierra" 10.12.2

Apple: macOS 10.12.2 released

After iOS 10.2, Apple has now also updated macOS "Sierra" to version 10.12.2. This should also fix bugs with the Macbook Pro (Late 2016). Some users are said to experience graphics errors with the current Macbook Pro. In addition, errors with the Timemaschine backup should have been fixed - whether this also the smaller problems with the backup ...

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Apple Macbook Pro 2016 vs. Macbook Air 2012

With the Macbook Pro 2016, Apple has introduced new Macbooks after a long wait at the end of October 2016. Since my Macbook Air from 2012 no longer meets my current requirements, I now have the opportunity for a direct comparison. As before, the new Macbook Pro 2016 comes in a 13- and a 15-inch variant. Both are equipped with Intel processors.

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Activate csrutil

Macbook Pro 2016: Check System Integrity Protection

With Mac OS X "El Capitan", Apple introduced the so-called "System Integrity Protection", which provides more security. However, this system is deactivated on some Macbooks that are now being shipped. Why Apple does not consistently activate the security system or whether there is a bug here is open, but you can easily activate it yourself. First you have to ...

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