Mobile Adblockers on the advance

As early as 2015 with iOS 9, Apple introduced support for adblockers. Until now, adblockers have led a niche existence on mobile devices, this seems to be changing now. now reports with reference to a study by the Canadian provider Blockthrough that although the use of Adblock on the desktop is decreasing, mobile Adblocker use is increasing significantly, which practically compensates for this. According to the study, 235 million users use Adblocker on ...

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Freenet FUNK: LTE without limit in the o2 network?

mobilcom-debitel has published an interesting offer under the brand name "Freenet FUNK": for 99 cents a day you get unlimited Internet with LTE speed. There are a few special features. The administration starting with the order is completely done via an app (for Android and iOS). Postal or video identity does not have to be carried out, all you need is your identity card number and a postal address - Freenet simply sends the SIM card by post.

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro: VoLTE with Android 9.0

In principle, all o2 customers (including those of other providers such as Drillisch) should be able to use VoLTE. So far this did not work on my Redmi Note 5 Pro ("whyred"), with HavocOS 2.1 (Android 9.0) this works now: HavocOS is a custom ROM based on ASOP Android 9.0 and "inspired" by Google Pixel. In order to install it, the device must first be unlocked. Afterwards TWRP can be installed as ...

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Remove Xiaomi MIUI advertising

In the current Android interfaces of Xiaomi there are "recommendations" which are nothing more than advertisements - fortunately they can be turned off, which will be briefly described in this article. Xiaomi tries hard to ensure that the ads or recommendations can be disabled, but doesn't make it too easy for the user. At least that's still the case, it can be assumed that Xiaomi will continue on this path ...

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Apple Pay comes to Germany

A good four years after the launch of Apple Pay in the USA, the service has now also been announced for Germany. Apple Pay requires an approved credit card and NFC-compatible payment terminals - the latter are already available in many stores. To register a credit card, it must be issued by a bank that supports Apple Pay. Several banks have already announced that they definitely support Apple Pay ...

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Xiaomi Redmi grade 5: affordable middle class?

With the Redmi Note 5, Xiaomi has a quite interesting device on the market, which promises smooth working with Snapdragon 636. Whether the price of a good 185 Euro is justified, should be clarified here. The Redmi Note 5 is quite comparable in format to the Xiaomi Mi A1 with Android One - a bit more modern with the usual Android keys on the display. The frame is pleasantly falling ...

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Xiaomi Mi A1 - Android One

Xiaomi Mi A1: Android One Getting started

Xiaomi offers with the Mi A1 a mid-range device with Android One - updates & LTE band 20 included. Until now, smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi had problems supporting the LTE Band 20, which is supported by many network operators in Germany. With the A1 there is now also an international version available, which is sold directly in Germany. Technical data Octa-core Snapdragon 625 processor, max 2.0 GHz Adreno 506 ...

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Congstar soon with LTE?

Congstar LTE: up to 50 MBit/s in the Telekom network

As reported by with reference to the Freenet annual press conference, Congstar will be able to offer LTE in the Telekom network from March 6. Until now, LTE use has only been possible in old contracts that still use Telekom's LTE network - albeit at a reduced rate of 7.2 Mbit/s. A corresponding 9-cent tariff, with which no options were ever booked, is still in use in my immediate vicinity. …

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