MagentaEINS Plus: Roaming in country group 3 or why Unlimited is not a fully-fledged alternative

"Welcome to the United Arab Emirates. In price group 3, you can use 1 GB data volume with max. 256 KBit/s in download and upload for the mobile Internet with the MagentaEINS Plus SIM card and Community Card incl. Community advantage at no additional cost [...]." - this message on my smartphone reminded me once again why the new "MagentaEINS Unlimited" product is not a good substitute for MagentaEINS Plus is. Telekom is currently contacting customers of the premium product, which will not be launched until fall 2020, to make the switch to the new product palatable to them.

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Telekom MagentaEINS Plus: Roaming in price group 3

The problem is that the new product is worse than the old one in many respects. The price remains roughly the same, but in addition to a reduced speed of 100 Mbit/s, convenience features are also eliminated, such as free roaming outside the EU, albeit with limited speed - in my example, in Dubai, country group 3.

The 256 Kbit/s may not sound like much, but it is enough for Google Maps route calculation including traffic jam information, to call an Uber or to generally orientate in the city. Interestingly, my iPhone also logs into the local 5G network, although this is of course not much use with the well-functioning throttling.

Sure, eSIMs like Flexiroam or Airalo also offer easy Internet access abroad, but also additional effort and not the convenience that comes when you can communicate directly without logging into the WLAN, for example, with the driver service of the airport transfer via Whatsapp.

As before, it is incomprehensible why Telekom did not put more effort into actually running its premium product (for a good 90,- EURO per month, MagentaEINS Plus counts(s) among the most expensive offers for private customers). As a customer, the only feeling that remains is that you can no longer really rely on Telekom's newly presented rates, unlike what you were used to. Although there have always been rates in the past that were not continued, it was then usually possible to switch to new, better rates. This is no longer the case with MagentaEINS Plus to MagentaEINS Unlimited.

Unfortunately, the competitors Vodafone and o² also do not offer a corresponding alternative (not even for pure mobile communications, at least not for private customers). Just today (05.11.2021) came the email with the request to contact the hotline to discuss what the discontinuation of the tariff means for my contracts. I'm curious how the offer will turn out, what one has heard so far it will be a change of mobile provider for me - fixed network is unfortunately the Telekom too reliable to get involved in experiments during home office, etc..

Perhaps another provider (or Deutsche Telekom itself) will offer such rates again in the future, if only enough customers show interest.

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