Telekom MagentaEINS Plus: All-round package with 1-month notice period

If you already have a Deutsche Telekom DSL contract and also want to use the Deutsche Telekom network on the move, you can, under certain conditions, "MagentaEINS Plus" in two expansion stages. A significant advantage: a contract term of only 1 month with a notice period of 4 weeks. Even if the previously used contract still has a longer term, this "disappears" - in my case the term of the "MagentaHome XL" until September 2021.

The equivalent is the MagentaEINS Plus for an even 90,- Euro per month - at first sight a lot, but all in all a justifiable price, especially since Telekom practically offers the MagentaHome XL (good 54,- €/monthly) with the MagentaMobil XL (good 84,- €/monthly) combined.

magentaeins packages
MagentaEINS Plus: Internet also outside the EU, but much slower

In addition, there are a few special features that other Telekom contracts do not offer: in the EU (which for Telekom also includes Switzerland and Norway, price group 0 and 1) there is 54 GB data volume per month. In Price group 2 and 3 is 1 Gigabyte throttled to 256 KBit/s included - which should be enough for Google Maps navigation, Whatsapp or an e-mail to the hotel. In these price groups are also rather exotic countries like Andorra, which USA, Bhutan, Ivory Coast, Greenland and many more. In addition to the short notice period, this is a real novelty for Telekom contracts for private customers (even if you won't have that much of it due to Corona).

The MagentaEINS Plus-However, the MagentaEINS Plus offer also has disadvantages: anyone who uses MagentaTV or MultiSIMs cannot book the offer, and a VDSL connection is also a prerequisite (which must also be directly from Deutsche Telekom; if Deutsche Telekom has only rented the connection and sublets it, the booking will not work). In order to check whether you can sign up for MagentaEINS Plus, there is a corresponding Configurator from Telekom. According to the Telekom website, the current reasons why MagentaEINS Plus cannot be booked are:

  • VDSL with a bandwidth of at least 27.9 MBit/s is not available at your address.
  • If you use MagentaTV on your fixed network connection
  • you would like to port your landline from another provider to us
  • Mobile phone cards such as MultiSIM and eSIM
  • Services and options such as Sky, Netflix, Disney+, MagentaSport, Spotify, Apple Music, SmartHome, Homepage products and EasySupport
  • Telephone lines without Internet, MagentaZuhause Regio, lines with Fiber and Hybrid and business customer rates
  • You have two Telekom logins: one for your fixed network contract and one for your mobile contract.

In addition, several functions do not yet work, including Visual Voicemail, ESIMs, Multisims e.g. for the Apple Watch are not yet available. Mobile numbers can be ported after successful activation of the contract, I have ported my number from Congstar taken over.

Telekom is trying to compensate for the disadvantages with a so-called "Community", where four SIM cards can be booked for 25 euros a month of the benefits such as unlimited data volume in Germany at the same speed as the underlying contract. Alternatively, there are data cards without telephony.

If the conditions are right, you get unlimited 5G data volume, roaming in many countries as well as the possibility to activate partner cards at a discount for about 35,- Euro per month to your MagentaZuhause XL. The whole thing with a contract period of only one month, so actually quite flexible - only, you need alternatives.

For me, the MagentaEINS Plus M currently the ideal offer, because in our country Internet is only possible via Telekom reasonable (ie with more than 200 MBit / s download and more than 35 Mbit / s upload). Whether I will add other members of the community is still open, but even with individual use, it is very convenient.

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