Deutsche Telekom launches Super-Vectoring

So far the VDSL speed ends at 100 MBit/s download and 40 MBit/s upload. At least the download rate will be increased by the Telekom from August 01.

250 MBit/s download rate and still 40 Mbit/s upload should be possible in the new MagentaHome XL tariffs. Prerequisite is a current router, e.g. the Fritz!Box 7590 is suitable for the new technology. The development starts first in middle centers: Places starting from 35.000 inhabitants rank among the first development areas.

VDSL: normal vectoring with 100/40 Mbit/s
VDSL: normal vectoring with 100/40 Mbit/s

After that, the expansion is to take place in conurbations. In principle, Deutsche Telekom wants to "listen" more to customers: expansion should be in line with demand - if the majority of customers think that 50 Mbit/s is enough for them, for example, the remaining customers have a poor chance of enjoying modern Internet speed. Nevertheless, a good 80 percent of households in Germany are to be supplied with 50 Mbit/s by Deutsche Telekom by the end of 2019.

Included in the MagentaHome XL is a Flat in mobile phone nets beside the usual Fest-Flat also - so far there was this only for MagentaEins customers, who refer both fixed net and Internet of the Telekom. Information on availability and expansion is available at Website of the Telekom.

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