Deutsche Bahn: throttle after 200 MB in 2nd class

Deutsche Bahn is currently preparing the nationwide launch of the new WLAN offer and has now announced information on the data volume.

ICE in Munich train station
ICE in Munich train station
For example, there should be 200 megabytes of "unthrottled" data volume in the 2nd class. If you think that this is used up within a very short time: even without a throttle, the speed should only be around 1 Mbit/s. This is enough for most websites and e-mail, but movies in HD quality are not available.

In contrast to normal mobile phone contracts, the throttling should also be quite moderate and provide more than 128 kBit/s - common mobile phone tariffs usually throttle to 64 kBit/s or less. For Whatsapp or for sending plain text emails this speed should still be enough.

In future, films can be obtained through a partnership between Deutsche Bahn and Maxdome: 50 regularly changing films are to be offered free of charge via the train WLAN; the data for this will be stored on servers on the train and will not count towards the 200 megabytes of volume. It is to be hoped that a possibly necessary app can also be obtained without counting the volume.

With the new WLAN service, Deutsche Bahn is relying on a combination of all three German network operators and on LTE or UMTS connections. However, the radio cells along the railway lines still limit the number of connections if all passengers want to dial in. According to current information, the railway offers the same bandwidth in 1st class, but without a limit of 200 megabytes.

The reduction should apply per day and not per train connection. Anyone travelling on long connections will therefore find the limit set much too low. According to the current state of knowledge, the remedy is to change the MAC address, as the system will then detect a new device.

After the start phase, there should also be speed-on packages with which the full speed can be restored. But there is no more detailed information about this today.

Update 01.01.2017: Modulating duty starts
The railway has completed the test phase and will start regular operation of the WLAN in 2nd class in ICE trains at the turn of the year. Certainly the first user reports will soon be received.

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