Apple Continuity Camera: improvised monitor holder

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Apple iPhone 14 Pro with car mount on monitor for Continuity

Apple has been working with Continuity Camera launched an exciting feature with macOS 13 "Ventura" in conjunction with iOS 16 the Continuity Camera function, which allows the iPhone's camera to be used as a webcam.

There are already corresponding solutions via app, but integrated directly into the operating system, it is quite impressive in terms of image quality, even against the 1080p webcam in the MacBook Pro or an external webcam like the Logitech Streamcam the image looks much sharper.

The only problem: the attachment of the iPhone. Although Belkin has a solution for MacBooks in the offer (but of course quite witless, because there is a camera integrated, for normal-sized (or even larger like my LG 38WN95C) monitors, on the other hand, there is no solution, not even on Amazon. The challenge: in the end, the iPhone must somehow be mounted on the monitor so that the camera points in the direction of the user - after all, Continuity works with the iPhone's main camera and not with the front camera for selfies.

After much research over the weekend, I came to the conclusion that there are neither on Amazon nor on platforms like suitable mounts directly. The possible alternative: a suitable mount for the car. Glued to the back of the monitor, you have a Magsafe mount that protrudes slightly and can rotate - after Continuity Camera uses different cameras depending on whether the phone is mounted vertically or horizontally.

At the same time, the Magsafe mount can also charge the phone when the corresponding USB cable is connected: an advantage over the mount from Belkin, which only holds the phone - for many video conferences during the day, it can be scarce if the battery is not recharged. Small side effect: you play around less with the phone over the day ­čśë

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There are different mounts, after some research this one is recommended: Ohlpro Wireless Car Charger Car Charging Station Mobile Phone Holder for iPhone 14/13/12/Pro/Max/Mini (Apple Continuity Camera: improvised monitor holder)']);" title="Buy now on Amazon" >Price: € 33.99 * on It has the option of being placed so that the Magsafe mount protrudes beyond the edge of the monitor - it can also be rotated so that it disappears behind the monitor during the time when the iPhone is not being used as a webcam.

In the meantime, other manufacturers have also launched corresponding mounts on the market, but they then have to do without a charging function - during a workday with many video conferences, the cell phone's battery can get tight if you don't charge it at the same time. A Overview of different mounts for Continuity can be found on

The image quality of the iPhone beats common webcams effortlessly: Apple reduces the resolution during transmission, but the recording quality of the sensor is still significantly higher. I used an iPhone 14 Pro, which has a 48-megapixel sensor.

Second advantage of this solution (and generally when using Continuity: you are less distracted by the phone itself, because it is just out of reach "stowed" on the monitor. How great this effect is, of course, also depends on your own discipline ­čśë

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