Apple: iOS 10.3 released / Update: 10.3.2

Apple has released iOS 10.3 today. The official updates are quite manageable, but users of an iDevice should install the update just for security reasons.

ios update 20170327 1Not included in the update description is the new file system APFS ("Apple File System"), which is intended to be used on all Apple devices. The new file system will be optimized for flash memory and will work much faster than before. Important new features concern for example the encryption. Background information on the new file system can be found at Mac & i.

The official innovations:

iPhone search

  • View the current or last known location of your AirPods
  • Play a sound on one or both AirPods for easy location


  • Support for paying and checking invoices with payment apps
  • Support for booking trips with driving service apps
  • Support for Auto App features such as fuel gauge, lock status, light on/off, and remote horn
  • Cricket results and statistics for the Indian Premier League and the International Cricket Council


  • Status bar shortcuts provide quick access to the most recently used apps
  • The Current Track screen in Apple Music provides access to Next Track and the album of the current track
  • Daily new playlists and music categories created by music experts in Apple Music

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Borrow iTunes movies once and watch them on all devices
  • New unified settings overview for Apple ID account information, preferences and devices
  • Hourly weather display in "maps" by applying 3D touch on the currently displayed temperature
  • Support for searching for the parked car in "Maps
  • In "Calendar" unwanted invitations can be deleted and marked as advertising
  • Home app support for triggering scenes using devices with switches and buttons
  • Home app support for displaying the battery status of devices
  • Podcast support for 3D Touch and the Today widget provides access to recently updated broadcasts
  • Podcast broadcasts and episodes can be split and played back in full via "News
  • Fix a problem where the current location may no longer be displayed in Maps after resetting Location & Privacy
  • Stability improvements in VoiceOver for the phone app, Safari and Mail

Update: iOS 10.3.1

Apple has already after one week iOS 10.3.1 has been released, but there is no changelog yet - probably it is mainly about bug fixing. The update could be installed without problems on an iPhone 7 128 GB.

Update: iOS 10.3.2

Apple has released another update for iOS 10.3, which is now version 10.3.2. Again, security and bug fixes are in focus, on an iPhone 7 the update, which can be installed over-the-air (OTA), is 177 megabytes in size. The Changelog mainly lists security holes that could also be used to execute malicious code, so the update should be installed as soon as possible.

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