Apple: iOS 10.3 released / Update: 10.3.2

Apple has released iOS 10.3 today. The official innovations are quite limited, but users of an iDevice should install the update for security reasons alone. Not included in the update description is the new file system APFS ("Apple File System"), which will eventually be used on all Apple devices. The new file system is supposed to be optimized especially for flash memory ...

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iOS 10.2

Apple: iOS 10.2 released

Apple has released iOS 10.2 with a large number of bug fixes for all devices that support iOS 10. Cupertino attaches great importance to the fact that new emoticons are available as well as TV apps (only in the US). In addition, there is a lot of bug fixes in various areas. In addition, there are, as always, security updates, so that users who rely on a jailbreak ...

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iOS 9: Adblocker for Safari

One of the less talked about features of iOS 9 in the media is the ability to install ad blockers. Apple has now also allowed these extensions in the App Store. From the user's point of view, an ad blocker is a blessing especially on mobile devices: if one uses an iPad, for example, pages can be shown in the normal desktop view - with the corresponding advertising, ...

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iPhone 3GS: battery burst from lying around?

Smartphones should not be deep-discharged - the effects on the battery can be devastating. This is exactly what happened to my old iPhone 3GS. After a while of lying around, the iPhone 3GS (which until then worked without problems and should actually serve as an "entry-level" smartphone) has bulged significantly and the display is in individual layers ...

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Apple: iOS 8.3 released

Shortly before the launch of the Apple Watch, the company from Cupertino has released a new iOS version: iOS 8.3. This release is supposed to bring more speed. The list of bug fixes and changes is quite long - especially bugs with Wi-Fi connections, CarPlay, Safari were fixed. Interesting for many customers: with some providers is ...

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Apple brings iOS 8.2 with Apple Watch Support

Yesterday, Apple introduced its own smartwatch line - parallel to this came iOS 8.2. Besides Supprt for the Apple Watch, the update also contains other improvements. The update to iOS 8.2 does not bring any significant innovations apart from support for Apple's Watch - that is probably only with the next "real" update to iOS 9 with the ...

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