iPhone SE: Apple updates 4" iPhones

For friends of the 4″ iPhone, for whom the iPhone 6S is too big, today's Apple keynote has brought an exciting innovation: the iPhone SE

iPhone SE: full power in a 4" format
iPhone SE: full performance in 4″ format
The iPhone SE looks very similar to the well-known iPhone 5s - the rumors that Apple would use a design based on the iPhone 6s have not come true. On the other hand, Apple packs quite a lot of its big brother's technology into the small case:

  • 16 or 64 Gigabyte memory
  • 4″ display with 1,136×640 pixel resolution (326ppi) with full sRGB color standard
  • A9 chip with 64-bit architecture and M9 co-processor
  • 12 Megapixel camera with 4k video recording
  • LTE with up to 150 Mbps and Voice over LTE (if the network supports it)
  • NFC chip for Apple Pay (which is still not offered in Germany)

Apple promises the same performance for both CPU and graphics as the iPhone 6s - unfortunately it is not yet known how much RAM the iPhone SE gets. If two gigabytes are installed here, as in the iPhone 6S, the new iPhone would actually be quite powerful. In the Android world, there is only something like this from Sony, which is equipped with the respective "Compact" models also always offer full performance in a small format.

iPhone SE with same case as iPhone 5/5S

By keeping the familiar design of iPhone 5, iPhone 5S now fit the iPhone SE, even previous cases (e.g. the elegant Miniot-Cases) and various accessories also for the new iPhone model. For the first time, Apple has not only brought two devices with the same design, but also presented the third model in a row with the same look.

iPhone SE is quite humane in terms of price by Apple's standards: the 16 gigabyte model costs 489 euros, the more sensible model with 64 gigabytes costs 589 euros. Both versions can be pre-ordered from 24.03.2016, as with the iPhone 6S, Rosé Gold has been added as a new colour.

iOS 9.3 with "Night Shift" mode and VoLTE at Telekom

With the introduction of the new devices Apple has also released a new iOS version, iOS 9.3. Besides various security updates, probably the most obvious feature for the end user is the so-called "Night Shift" mode, where the display's color temperature can be set warmer. This is intended to improve sleep quality, especially when the device is used in the evening.

Also included is a network operator update for telecom customers (24.1), which from iPhone 6 onwards allows the use of VoLTE possible. Unfortunately apparently only for "real" telecom contracts with LTE support. The cheap alternative in the form of a Congstar 9 cent tariffwhich unofficially can also use the Telekom LTE network, is apparently not activated for VoLTE.

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