AVM brings Fritz!OS 7.25 for Fritzboxes

Especially important in the home office: functioning Internet. AVM has now released Fritz!OS 7.25, a new version after 7.21. Among other things, this should make the connection more stable, which seems to be the case after a first test run: the rate of "corrected DTU" is significantly better than before. The complete changelog: Right of way in the home office - ...

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Fritz!OS 7.20 for Fritzbox 7590

AVM has released a new Fritz!OS version for the top model of the Fritz!Box: Version 7.20 brings a lot of innovations. While many users in the home office depend on functioning Internet, I have installed the current version - so far without problems, the sync rate remained at 292 Mbps. The innovations include WPA3 and improvements in the MESH network - for ...

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Bandwidth management in the home office

Those who normally upload large amounts of data while they are not at home may have a problem with the cloud upstream or backup replication in times of home office. In the same way, it can lead to problems if family members want to upload larger amounts of data in parallel. To avoid this, there are various approaches on how the available bandwidth can be divided in the best possible way, ...

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Fritz!Box 7490 mesh function

AVM brings mesh function

Now that Google is launching its Wifi system in Germany, AVM has "countered" with a lab firmware. If you install the lab firmware 6.88 BETA (download on the AVM website), the network overview changes - a Fritz!Repeater 1750E that is also present in the network automatically gets an update as well. In addition to the 1750E Repeater, the FRITZ!Powerline 1240E Adapter can also be ...

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Fax via VoIP & VDSL: Cisco SPA112 to Fritz!Box 7490

Anyone who wants to operate a hardware fax on a VoIP connection must either connect this directly to the Fritz!Box or use an adapter such as the Cisco SPA112. Operating an analog fax machine is not necessarily easy for customers with an "All-IP" connection (or whatever the respective provider calls the product). Analogue devices can be connected to the Fritz!Box ...

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AVM brings WLAN repeater for DVB-C

At IFA 2013, router manufacturer AVM presented a repeater that can distribute the TV signal of a cable connection (DVB-C) in the network in addition to the WLAN signal. Although it is not yet clear when the device will come on the market (AVM speaks of the first quarter of 2014), it should be practical in several situations. Especially here in Munich, ...

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