AVM brings Fritz!OS 7.25 for Fritzboxes

Especially important in the home office: functioning Internet. AVM has now released Fritz!OS 7.25, a new version after 7.21. Among other things, the connection should become more stable, which seems to be the case after a first test run: the rate of the "corrected DTU" is significantly better than before.

fritzos 725
Fritz!OS 7.25 on Fritz!Box 7590

The complete changelog:

  1. Right of way in the home office - device prioritization for working at home
  2. Simplified control for parents
  3. Manage phone calls more easily - higher transmission quality for mobile communications
  4. Fine tuning for even better WLAN
  5. Weather information on the FRITZ!Fon
  6. Hotspot and answering machine on/off
  7. Measuring humidity with FRITZ!DECT 440
  8. Data backup for internal memory
  9. FRITZ!Box LTE models get SMS journal and SMS send function
  10. Fax journal and optimized configuration
  11. More stable Internet connection for supervectoring and long reach VDSL
  12. Support of the business telephony platform CompanyFlex

More details on the individual points can be found in the Press release from AVM. First there is the update for the current top model, the 7590.

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