AVM brings mesh function

Now that Google is Wifi system also in Germany to the market, AVM has "countered" with a laboratory firmware.

Fritz!Box 7490 mesh function
Fritz!Box 7490 mesh function
If you install the laboratory firmware 6.88 BETA (Download on the AVM website), the network overview changes - a Fritz! Repeater 1750E automatically gets an update as well.

In addition to the 1750E repeater, the FRITZ! powerline 1240E adapter can also be used. As usual with a mesh, several repeaters can be connected together and then work together. It also makes sense to use the same WLAN SSID for the 2.4 GHz band as well as for 5 GHz devices - the AVM mesh can then assign dual-band capable devices the band that provides the best data rates.

Hint: A pop-up blocker should be deactivated for the IP of the Fritz!Box, otherwise e.g. the SSID name cannot be changed.

Experience with the AVM Mesh BETA

After setup, the beta version of the AVM mesh seems to work quite well. Even with many WLAN devices, from Macbook Pro to FireTV, the data connection is stable. Of course, BETA software can always fail, but you should always save a backup of the Fritz!Box configuration before installation. The lab version brings the following new features:

  • New graphical mesh overview for more transparency, comfort and performance
  • Best WLAN performance with mesh
  • One keystroke for all connections
  • Simplified powerline extension
  • Simplified laboratory entry for repeaters and powerline WLAN repeaters

The other functions remain unaffected for the time being - even the data rate on a Telekom VDSL connection (unfortunately without vectoring) is 51.4 Mbps downstream and 10 Mbps upstream after the update, which are also available in the WLAN.

AVM significantly lowers the entry price for a mesh network - especially those who already use a current Fritz! box can expand the WLAN with relatively inexpensive repeaters: the 1750E is for about 72,- EURO available.

Update 09/30/2017:
AVM has now released the 6.90 update for the Fritz!Box 7490. This means that the mesh versions will also move into the former top model. The update can either be installed via the auto-update function of the Fritz!Box or the image can be downloaded from the FTP server.

  • Fritz!OS 6.90 for 7490
  • Fritz!OS 6.90 for 7590
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    1. I am using a FritzBox 7590 and 2 WLAN Repeater 1750E in a 3 floor apartment. All devices have the latest MESH compatible firmware 6.90 installed and I have to say that I have never had such a fast and stable WLAN network. All those who have complained about AVM and WLAN (including me) should now convince themselves again.

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