Samsung Galaxy S: Android 2.3 in March

It can't be chalked up often enough: the manufacturers of Android smartphones are still not able to keep up with Google and publish updates to the latest Android version promptly. As one of the first after Google itself, Samsung now wants to update the Galaxy S to the current version 2.3 in March. According to, HTC is not planning an update until April. Other manufacturers like Motorola are probably not expected to provide updates in the near future.

What is so complicated for a mobile phone manufacturer to offer the latest operating system? The community of alternative ROM providers manages not to be too far behind - so it can hardly be due to manpower. Economic reasons remain, although in my opinion it is presumptuous of the mobile phone manufacturers to assume that a restrictive update policy would lead to customers buying a new phone more often. Customers can also be won over with good support for existing customers...

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