myGICA ATV1200 and streaming services: better without root

Although the myGICA ATV1200 Android TV Box factory rooted, but for some apps it is better to hide the root functionality. Current example: the TV streaming service Watchever refuses to play videos with active root (or visible su-binary) (until then the app will run without any problems). Background: with root access the DRM chain cannot be safely maintained. To make the app run I have Hide my root from the Play-Store which also worked without any problems. Hint: Once the SU binary is hidden, other apps that require root access will not work.

The performance of the Watchever app itself still seems to be problematic on the ATV1200: playback is not as smooth as with the hardware-accelerated XBMC, which doesn't weaken at 1080p. On an Apple TV 2, on the other hand, it runs smoothly (at least if the stream doesn't break off). Here once again the disadvantages of the fragmented Android market become apparent: not every hardware supports all features, so individual support by the software is necessary.


  1. very helpful, thank you! Does it work with activated "Hide my root" to rent movies via Google Play?

    1. You mean the "Error: 43"? I haven't tried that yet. There has been a general update recently, I'll see if this is fixed. Hiding root alone was not enough :/

      1. I ordered the box yesterday and borrowing it would be part of my requirement. Then I'll try this ­čÖé

        1. Be sure to check for updates - for example, when I bought the part at that time, XBMC was not part of the firmware, but had to be reinstalled.

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