MEGA with starting problems

After MEGA started the offer on the weekend has, there were for interested users first of all problems to examine: Under the onslaught of users there were dropouts, the registration didn't work and also the upload - if you got that far - didn't bring any files to the servers. Meanwhile the situation has improved - but MEGA still runs smoothly, there are many different opinions and thoughts on the internet, among others on and It is now exciting to see when Kim Dotcom's current project will run smoothly and how the already promised synchronization apps will run, which are to be released for mobile devices.

It remains exciting in any case: even if MEGA is directed quite directly against the music and film industry (by encrypting the data, the operator wants to protect himself from joint liability), it is first of all an offer like Bittorrent, which can be used in various ways, even for the much-cited holiday photos.

Currently the file upload to MEGA still runs very slowly
Currently the file upload to MEGA still runs very slowly

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