Law against router compulsion is to come

Currently important for many Internet users: the German government has presented a draft law against router coercion. Core element: the definition of a passive network termination point.

This would first of all determine that no "active" device - for example a router - represents the transition between the provider's network and the customer. For Telekom customers this is not so unusual, here there is usually a TAE socket in the apartment, and also only up to there the responsibility takes over. What the customer then connects is up to him, at least with Telekom. Other providers, on the other hand, restrict the choice of a router for the customer, e.g. by not providing the access data.

However, cable network operators would have a problem with the changes in the law - here, the modem or router is usually configured directly by the provider, and there is currently hardly any free market for such devices. If the law is passed in its planned form, however, there will probably be some changes. More information about the router obligation, the planned abolition, can be found at

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