FCC enforces net neutrality in the USA

While in Germany the Compulsory router the USA is already ahead of us in one respect: the FCC has now ensured net neutrality there.

Net neutrality in the USA decided by the FCC - no two rails for data
Net neutrality in the USA decided by the FCC - no two rails for data
This is reported by the Mirror. With the specification of net neutrality, there is no possibility of treating data packets differently. In the USA, no data packages may now be given preferential treatment for financial reasons, or certain Web offerings may be throttled.

With the new regulation by the FCC, the Internet is now part of the basic supply such as water, electricity or telephone and can therefore hardly be restricted. The new regulation of the Net neutrality had become necessary after Verizon - a major provider in the USA - violated the previously applicable regulations on Net neutrality ...I had sued. The new regulation should also not be met with much approval by the providers and probably lead to a lawsuit again - after all, it is annoying for cable network providers in particular to pass through traffic from potential competitors like Netflix without the possibility of an additional fee.

In Germany, since Telekom has been considering throttling Internet connections after a certain data volume has been reached, there has also been a lively discussion on the subject of Net neutrality - finally, Telekom's own network services, such as Entertain, should be excluded. However, a clear commitment to net neutrality such as that now given in the USA is still lacking in Germany.

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