Google comments on the availability of the Nexus 4

LG Nexus 4 with Android 4.2 (Picture: Google)
LG Nexus 4 with Android 4.2 (Picture: Google)
Like reportsGoogle co-founder Larry Page, when announcing the financial results, commented on the availability of the LG Nexus 4: "Google and LG are working hard to improve the availability of the Nexus 4. From mid-February, the smartphone, which was already introduced in November and should actually be available, should finally be available for purchase without any problems.

The LG Nexus 4 offers a lot of performance for the money: quad-core CPU, 2 GB RAM, 4.7-inch display and a solid finish with a glass back. Although there are also disadvantages, like the built-in battery and the missing memory card slot, the 16 GB version is still a very exciting offer for 349 Euros.

In summer, however, the next smartphone from Google is expected to come: the Motorola X Phone. New materials will be used, the battery life will be generally improved and Android 5.0 will be used. There were no details about this yet.

Update of 29/01/2013: the LG Nexus 4 is back in the Play Store.

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  1. The Motorola X Phone sounds exciting. Especially when it comes to the battery power, I hope it's worth seeing. With my Galaxy SII, I always carry a spare battery with me at the same time, because the SII runs out of juice at university.

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