iOS 6.1 released: is the jailbreak coming?

iOS 6.1: 107 MB update for the iPhone 5
iOS 6.1: 107 MB update for the iPhone 5
Apple has released iOS 6.1 tonight, for the iPhone 5 the download is 107 megabytes and can be downloaded directly from the device. There are not many innovations in the new version. The LTE support is said to have been improved - it remains that only the Telekom is supported. In addition: as an iTunes Match subscription, you can also download individual tracks via iCloud and there is a new button to reset the Ad-ID. There are also security updates.

Whether and when now the announced Jailbreak for iOS 6.1 is still open - actually, nothing should stand in the way of that now, provided the announcements were not just hot air. It is also open whether there will be an improvement in the partly reported WLAN and voice problems. A longer list of the new features can be found at

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