Current status for free router selection

The topic "router compulsion" will occupy us for some time: the draft law must now go through all the stages foreseen in the legislative process.

Currently, according to the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, the draft law has been notified under Directive 98/34/EC. The standstill period now runs until 8 July 2015.

The deadline for associations and companies to submit their comments on current draft law ...I could deliver. The feedback received by 20 March 2015 is also available on the website of the Ministry viewable.

So there will be some time before the law can actually come into force. It is to be hoped that the providers will not simply rely on being able to avert the law in any way; instead, they should work towards making it as easy as possible for customers to switch to their own router before it comes into force. So far, Telekom in particular is already well positioned in this respect: for a (V)DSL connection, one can easily obtain the complete access data and can, for example, use a Fritz!Box 7490 instead of the Speedport router.

Update from 19.07.2015: Answer from BMWi

When I asked the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy for my part, I received an answer on the current status:

The European notification procedure has now been completed. It is intended to submit the draft law to the Cabinet for a decision in August. The parliamentary procedure can then begin after the summer break.

My thoughts on this are also here in the blog.

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