Is there no iOS 7 Jailbreak coming?

Although Apple will not release iOS 7 until autumn, there are already thoughts about jailbreak. For example, a jailbreak for iOS 7 should no longer be worthwhile, because it would be more lucrative for the appropriately skilled hackers to sell security holes in iOS and not use them for a jailbreak. At least this view is loud Twitter security specialist Charlie Miller.

Miller is also of the opinion that the Evasi0n-Jailbreak was only created with the background of making money - 3 million page views on the day of release can easily be turned into money.

Apart from the financial aspects, it is questionable whether an iOS 7 jailbreak is as exciting for users as previous versions were - many functions that previously had to be implemented via a jailbreak are now integrated into iOS 7. It should also be considered that a jailbreak always represents an additional security hole - you really have to think carefully about whether you need to run a jailbreak.

2 thoughts on “Kommt kein iOS 7 Jailbreak?”

  1. Jailbreak is about much more than just new features. It is about the user getting control over his own property - no matter if he uses it or not. It's more about the ethnic aspect of removing restrictions from the user's path.

    Hackers who sell gaps for money are selling themselves and no longer meet the standards accepted by the hacker society.

    I very much hope that there are at least a few hackers who do not hack out of money lust, but out of the will to be free. That is one of the reasons why I support the jailbreak. Whether or not you can install pirated apps with it is a completely different topic where morality plays a big role.

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