iOS 8 brings LTE to the iPhone at E-Plus & Simyo!

As reported by, the second iOS-8 beta allows the LTE network from E-Plus to be used with the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C. This has not been possible so far due to a missing profile.

E-Plus uses a 1,800 MHz LTE network, as used by Telekom. Technically, this means that all iPhones from the 5 series upwards are able to use the network - until now, it has only failed because of the right profile. Tablets like the iPad Air have always been able to use the E-Plus LTE network, which Simyo also uses.

It is now open whether the restrictions will be completely removed or whether E-Plus has made a deal with Apple to include the corresponding profile. It is also open whether, like Telekom and Congstar will also work for Simyo or whether the discounter in the E-Plus network still needs its own LTE profile for the iPhone.

Dignity with iOS 8 LTE also with Simyo function, there would be a second discounter besides Congstar, where you could use the LTE network of the respective network operator for low prices. At the moment it is still open whether this feature will be included in the final iOS-8 version or whether it is only part of the beta.

Update 09.09.2014
Apple today at the Keynote on iPhone 6 also announced the release date of iOS 8: on September 17, 2014 the update will be released and available on all devices starting with iPhone 4S and iPad. Then it will also be clear whether LTE with E-plus works with the final version of iOS 8.

Update 10/06/2014
E-Plus has on its website officially announced that LTE works with corresponding Apple devices under iOS 8. Although there is a warning message that the battery life could be affected, in practice there do not seem to be any problems.

Update August 24, 2015
After E-Plus was taken over by Telef├│nica, nothing has changed in terms of LTE supply. Although there are Roaming in the UMTS networkMeanwhile, the LTE networks of E-Plus and o2 are still separate. Although it can be assumed that the 4G network a merger will come, it is only open when this will be the case. The biggest obstacle to a fast network (whether UMTS or LTE) or still the connection of base stations - if this is not fast enough, there is no point in having a sufficiently fast radio link.


  1. I can confirm that with IOS 8 LTE in the Iphone settings and that with Eplus network (also Simyo)

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