kadder.de accessible via IPv6

A message on our own behalf: www.tech-blogger.net is not only accessible via HTTPS/SPDYbut now also has an IPv6 address.

While this does not save any IPv4 address (the number of available IPv4 addresses is limited, whereas IPv6 offers an almost infinite address space), it is nevertheless a step towards the "Internet of tomorrow" - like Google the IPv6 transition calls.

What does it take to reach kadder.de via IPv6: First, of course, your own Internet provider must support IPv6. At least the Telekom has already changed the IP connections, many other providers also offer corresponding support. Furthermore the router has to support IPv6, the one I used Fritz!Box 7490 has corresponding support integrated as the current top model. Last but not least, the operating system has to support IPv6, which is the case with current Windows, MacOS and Linux versions.

What changes? Nothing. For the user it remains transparent whether he calls an IPv6 address or uses the previous IPv4. Only with tools like Firebug can you see if the data was loaded from an IPv6 address.

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