ASUS Zenbook UX32Vd open (Video)

ASUS UX32VD with Full-HD IPS panel

When I expanded the RAM from 4 gigabytes to 10 gigabytes, I also had the opportunity to create a short video of the inner workings of the ASUS UX32Vd. Clearly visible: the two fans that make sure that the flat device doesn't overheat as well as the single RAM slot of the Ultrabook. The hard disk can be exchanged easily, the SSD of the cache (see my first Hands-On of the UX32Vd) is on the other hand firmly soldered.

That on the video no Torx 5 screwdriver is to be seen, I noticed unfortunately only afterwards 😉. One needs this one, in order to solve the many screws of the thin metal base plate. You should also keep this safely, because they are really very small. At the upper edge (at the fans) I had to use some gentle force, because it was glued here with a kind of rubber seal.

5 thoughts on “ASUS Zenbook UX32Vd offen (Video)”

  1. Would you be able to successfully bump the ram to 10gb? Asus site says you can only go to a total of 6 (2+4). Not 2+8? Interested to know what memory you went with. Were you able to install SSD? Any issues so far?

  2. my keyboard hasn't worked since today. FN, CTRL, ALT, Caps Lock, nothing works anymore!

    I've already tried everything, I've contacted the service...

    He may have problems too...????

  3. hello, let me ask you: these postit-coloured adhesive strips, are they the guarantee seals? Assuming that this is the case, the guarantee is also valid for satatausch, right? (seal on the left in the picture 0:53- 0:56?) Sitting straight in front of an open warranty case 32vd to remove the hard disk. And now I see myself losing data or warranty thanks to asus' burnt earth repair policy. Or not? You switched the hard drive without breaking the seal, right? Does anyone else know about this? Thx, henning.

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