Android 2.2 for Motorola Milestone with bugs?

Like reported Motorola has quite surprisingly released Android 2.2 for the Motorola Milestone. The update must be installed via a PC and is not distributed "over-the-air", the corresponding Software is only available for Windows. Apparently the update, which brings the milestone to the current version 2.3, is quite half-hearted: Users report problems that might be caused by bugs in the Linux kernel used: UMTS and WLAN connections are said to fail repeatedly and GPS tracking does not work properly. Also problematic: the device does not switch correctly to standby mode, so the battery is empty after 10 hours even without use.

Actually the update was not supposed to be released until March 23rd, Motorola then brought it forward without further comment. But why it is not error-free remains a secret to Motorola - good product care looks different. It is also not clear if there will be improvements soon. Test reports on the Motorola Milestone is on

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  1. is that only for one or also for ms2?

    Besides, hopefully there'll be something "finished" soon...

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