Instead of iPhone 5: iPhone 4S with dual-core and voice control "Siri".

Instead of the expected iPhone 5, Apple has "only" presented an iPhone 4S, which is visually hardly distinguishable from the iPhone 4. Inside, however, more has happened: the A5 processor known from the iPad 2 is used, but is clocked lower (with 800 MHz). Thus, the iPad 2 remains the fastest iOS device, but the iPhone 4S is still significantly faster than the iPhone 4. Most interesting innovation: the voice control "Siri", which you can give instructions in plain text, which are then implemented. For example, "Make an appointment for tomorrow at eight" or "Do I need an umbrella?

Although the innovations are limited, this does not deter customers: Apple has recorded over one million pre-orders, which are now being delivered. Apple itself - where the phone is sold without SIM or Netlock from €629 - gives a delivery time of 1-2 weeks. Unlike previous models, there's now also a model with 64 gigabytes of storage - enough for plenty of MP3s and 1080p videos to be recorded by the camera (which now has 8 megapixels). Of course, iOS 5 is also included, which is said to bring over 200 changes compared to iOS 4.

However, customers are not very enthusiastic about the fact that they can no longer choose whether they want to use UMTS (3G) or only EDGE. Presumed reason: "Siri" needs the fastest possible data connection, Apple probably wants to play it safe here. If there is no UMTS available, the GSM network is of course still automatically selected - so reception should also work in rural areas, especially since the antenna technology has been improved (the iPhone 4 antenna agate will not be repeated). Various sites have tested the iPhone 4 in detail:

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