Apple sells 4 million iPhone 4S the first weekend

Even though the iPhone 4S is optically only a discreet update, it seems to sell very well: reports with reference to Apple that on the first weekend already four million devices were sold - twice as many as at the launch of the iPhone 4. whether Steve Jobs' death has anything to do with this will probably never be clarified; some fans had translated the "4S" with "for Steve", as this device was certainly still influenced by Apple's company founder.

Whether the sales figures will continue to develop in this way is of course open, but Apple really seems to be well on the way to consolidating its own market position - the fans don't seem to care that the iPhone 4S offers much less innovation than the rumors about the iPhone 5 have suggested. Therefore, there will be a new design next year at the latest, so that iPhone 4 buyers will be able to buy it.

The Android devices will of course continue to develop - Icecream Sandwich is to be introduced on 19.10. and will bring Android back together on mobile phones and tablets.

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