HP sells the TouchPad for 99,-€

After HP surprisingly declared last week to discontinue the end customer business with PCs and tablets and especially to discontinue WebOS devices like the Touchpad. Now HP follows up with action and "sells" the Touchpad for 99 US dollars or 99 euros in Europe. This seems to be a price that many customers will be weak at: the delivery situation is unclear, shops that offered the Touchpad with WebOS 3.0 for 99 Euros (e.g. Cyberport or the HP shop itself) were not able to cope with the onslaught - even though it is doubtful that there will be any updates at all.

Quite obviously, it is a question of price what the acceptance for tablets looks like. So far, the devices were apparently too expensive for many customers - HP probably sells the touchpad below material value now, because the components do not make a cheap impression. Also cheap to get: the Pre3 for 79 Euros - again without software support in the future.

In general, it's a bit unclear at the moment whether HP will actually deliver the ordered touchpads - but it's probably cheaper for the company than disposing of the old touchpads.

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