Freenet FUNK: LTE without limit in the o2 network?

mobilcom-debitel has published an interesting offer under the brand name "Freenet FUNK": for 99 cents a day you get unlimited Internet with LTE speed. There are a few special features.

The administration from the order on is completely done via an app (for Android and iOS). Postal or video identity does not have to be carried out, all you need is your ID card number and a postal address - Freenet simply delivers the SIM card by post.

Freenet FUNK App
Freenet Radio App

Once the SIM card has been received and activated, you can choose a tariff in the app: for 69 cents a day you get 1 GB in volume, 99 cents allow unlimited LTE use with 225 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload.

In the last few days, there have been more and more reports that users who have used too much data volume have been cancelled. Although Freenet RADIO is officially unlimited, it is not intended as a replacement for the home fixed line. There is no official limit, tethering and the use in a mobile router is allowed according to the FAQ in the app.

Otherwise, FUNK offers everything you can expect from a current tariff in the Teléfonica network: SMS-Flat, Telefonie-Flat, Voice-over-LTE, Wifi-Calling - unfortunately no roaming at the moment, so you can't use your SIM card abroad.

I use the RADIO SIM as a second card in a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro (Whyred) with Havoc 2.7 ROM (Android 9.0) - so the device can easily be used as a hotspot. The plan is to have Internet access during the upcoming summer holidays on the German North Sea coast without any further stress and consideration for the data volume: for music and video streaming a magenta mobile tariff with StreamOn is also suitable, but as soon as you use a VPN connection it's no use anymore.

Freenet FUNK: Speed in Munich

freenet funk speedtest muc
Freenet Funk Speedtests in Munich

At least in Munich, the speed tests in the Telefónica network are a bit sobering: maximum 32 Mbit/s download rate at different locations throughout the day, but equally high upload rates - if you want to upload a lot, o2 in Munich is a good choice.

Of course, these speeds need not be representative for the whole of Germany. Munich as Telefónica Germany headquarters is surprisingly underdeveloped in terms of LTE, but at least there was a stable connection. Whether or not the speed meets your own requirements is something that everyone has to decide for themselves - the one-day notice period means you don't take a big risk.

Preliminary conclusion

Freenet FUNK is an innovative offer, which is both in terms of the possible performance (ideally 225 Mbit/s LTE) at a reasonable price a good 30, - € per month. Up to now, unlimited flat rates with VoLTE support and telephony as well as SMS flat rates were a good deal more expensive than this offer.

The risk is very manageable: on the one hand, the tariff can be paused for a maximum of 14 days at a time (you can still be reached but you don't have to pay anything). In addition, you can simply cancel the contract again, also one day in advance.

Update: Speed drastically worsened at the same price

Those who have been using their Freenet Funk rate plan for a long time without a break will still get the previous speed of 225/50 Mbit/s via LTE if the local network allows it.

For new customers, on the other hand, the conditions have worsened: although the unlimited data volume has remained, the Maximum bandwidth reduced to 15 Mbit/s. The price, on the other hand, has remained the same: 99 cents per day is charged for the new Unlimited rate.

The 1 GB rate for 69 cents a day has not been cut in speed; obviously, the offer is made less attractive for users with high data volumes here. With the current conditions, it is no longer easy to recommend Freenet Funk, even though a stable 15 Mbit/s would be sufficient for many applications.

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