Samsung Galaxy S3: the new Android flagship

Samsung has tonight with a lot of ballyhoo introduced the Galaxy SIII (or S3), which is the current top of the Android smartphones. Besides impressive hardware (4.8″ display with 1280×720 pixels, quad-core CPU, 8 megapixel camera), there are some nice additions: for example, the front camera captures the face continuously so that the display is not dimmed as long as the user is looking at the screen. Furthermore, there is a Siri-like functionality, where various functions can be controlled via voice control and the weather can also be queried. At what price the new Samsung Galaxy SIII will be available in stores is still open to Samsung (Apple will certainly do this differently with the iPhone 5, which will probably be introduced in June). It should be in the shops at the end of May, of course with Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich".

My opinion: a large display is certainly an advantage, but with 4.8 inches it would be too large for me personally. Already the 4,65″ of the Galaxy Nexuswhich I used for a while, were too big for my hands to reach all points on the display with my thumb. But there is probably no other way to accommodate the battery that is needed to get an acceptable runtime with a quad-core CPU. I only hope that Apple doesn't jump on this bandwagon, for me the iPhone 4/4S is ideal in size, and the speed is enough.

In any case, the smartphone market remains in motion, it remains exciting. As long as innovations are constantly coming onto the market, all market participants (including Apple) will remain under pressure to bring new features to the market as well.

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