pre-order Motorola Backflip for 440,- Euro at Amazon

The Motorola Backflip may follow an interesting design, for 440,-€ you can get it now at Pre-order Amazon - a proud price for a device that has an interesting operating concept with a touch surface on the back of the display, but is still delivered with Android 1.5.

Why the mobile phone manufacturers are having such a hard time adopting new Android versions remains a mystery - why bring a device onto the market that is already outdated at launch? Google is increasingly moving towards keeping applications only compatible with Android 2.x (from Google's point of view, this is no problem either, as the Nexus One runs with a suitable version). But what do the customers of the other manufacturers do?

Apple takes a more clever approach to the problem, even the first Iphone runs with the current software version - and as long as the programs don't require any extra hardware like the compass or GPS, there are no problems.

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