Motorola wants to bring small high-end android

For many users (including me) the current Android smartphones with diagonals from 4.5 inches upwards are simply too big. Smaller devices are unfortunately not so well equipped, so that for me the iPhone 5 is still the ideal device (although the HTC One is really very interesting). Motorola - who now belong to Google - wants to change that this year: According to design chief Jim Wicks, the next Motorola phone should be "just right", and not follow the motto "bigger is better", as all manufacturers are doing at the moment.

Concrete data on the upcoming high-end android from Motorola is not yet available, but the manufacturer has already proven that it is capable of producing smartphones with the narrowest possible edge. New devices of the next generation, which was developed together with Google, are expected to come on the market in the second half of 2013. Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO and Chairman of Motorola, has described the next generation of Motorola smartphones as phenomenal and as "phone plus". Something really exciting may come onto the market - a clean "vanilla" android, which is quickly updated, is also to run on the devices.

It remains to be seen how Google will set the prices: the Nexus 4 is quite cheap compared to other smartphones, whether Google or Motorola will continue to do so for future devices. In any case, it won't harm the Android market if a big player joins in, who will counteract the fragmentation with regular updates. And perhaps there will be a general trend towards devices that don't require two hands to operate.

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