HTC Desire: Vodafone with Android update - but not to 2.2

Vodafone had started distributing an update for the HTC Desire. The customers' joyful expectation: finally Android 2.2, but far from it: instead of the current version of the Android operating system, there was only an operator update, which on top of everything introduced software branding (the Vodafone 360 applications were indelibly added). Not enough that these applications were not desired by most customers - they also led to problems like double displayed SMS and a considerably shortened battery life.

The customers naturally feel - to put it in friendly terms - teased. Since Android 2.2 is already available for "free" HTC Desire (i.e. not purchased from a network operator), many customers believed that Vodafone would catch up with the update. Vodafone's information policy is also criticized: when they bought it, many customers were assured that the device was branding-free. This was also the case with the current update, customers naturally see it as impertinence that Vodafone apparently wants to introduce branding retrospectively.

When the Android 2.2 update for HTC Desire purchased from Vodafone will be available is currently as open as the question of whether the Vodafone 360 software will be included again - and thus a branding and deterioration of the product compared to the time of purchase.

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