Google Android 1.5 - An outlook

Google has announced the SDK for Android 1.5, which previews the upcoming version of the mobile operating system.

For example, on-screen keyboards will also work in landscape mode, third-party virtual keyboards can be installed, widgets can be placed on the home screen, and voice recognition can be used via the new APIs.

There are also improvements in the camera, which should be ready for photos faster with the new version of the Android OS, as well as in the location detection, which is upgraded with AGPS. Also possible with Android 1.5: recording and playing videos as well as displaying the contact status via Google Talk.

In addition: Innovations to the integrated Webkit browser, which has been brought to the latest version and should now work more smoothly.

The basis for these new or improved functions is Linux 2.6.27 - this is accompanied by support for the repair of SD card file systems as well as the SIM application toolkit 1.0.

The new SDK should be available by the end of April - it is expected that the corresponding software will be ready shortly thereafter, so that programmers can effectively use the new features for their applications.

Given the new features, it will be interesting to see how Android 1.5 compares to Apple's version 3.0 of the Iphone software.

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