FreeNAS 11.3 released: faster ZFS replication

iXsystems has released FreeNAS 11.3, the latest version of the free NAS operating system. With FreeNAS an existing x86 system can be turned into a network attached storage with different plugins and shares. The ZFS file system is used, which together with the FreeBSD substructure offers a wide range of possibilities.

freenas 11 3 2
FreeNAS 11.3 Dashboard

I myself use FreeNAS on a HP Microserver Gen8 and on a Microserver N36L - to the second device the data for Replication to enable an offsite backup.

The main features of FreeNAS 11.3:

  • ZFS Replication: >8X performance, Parallel tasks, Auto-resume
  • Simplified Setup with Wizards: iSCSI, SMB, Pools, Networking, Replication
  • SMB improvements: user quotas via AD, shadow copies, ACL manager
  • Easier Plugins: UI redesign, Categories, NAT reduces IP addresses
  • Dashboard and Reporting: Faster response, more relevant data
  • Configuration Management: API enables config save and audits
  • WireGuard VPNs: Secure networking to remote systems
  • TrueNAS: Graphical enclosure and High-Availability management

With improved replication and integrated support for Wireguard a setup with several devices can be easily set up.

More information and the download is available on or via the update function integrated in FreeNAS.

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