HP Microserver Gen8: CPU exchange

Those who buy a HP Microserver Gen8 usually go for the entry-level model with Celeron G1610T processor. Since the CPU is socketed, it can be easily replaced.

HP Microserver Gen8: Celeron G1610T
The Celeron G1610T is a dual core CPU with 2.3 GHz clock and a TDP of 35 watts - therefore it can be passively cooled without any problems. It is important to find a suitable CPU for replacement.

After some research, among other things in the very good collective thread of the Hardwareluxx forum my choice fell on a Core i5 3470T: 2 cores, 2.9 GHz base clock and hyperthreading support (4 threads). The TDP is also at 35 watts, so that the same cooling system can be used.

FreeNAS 10 with Core i5 3470T
The result: at least with the current FreeNAS 10 Release Candidate a much faster interface - all input is simply converted more directly. For pure NAS functions the Microserver Gen8 now of course a less overpowered, but FreeNAS also offers the ability to run docker containers and VMs. There more performance never hurts.

With FreeNAS 10, the things for which I currently use a Raspberry Pi: an OpenVPN server, DNS caching, Bittorrent sync, backup etc. will also be available. For this the performance is then certainly useful.

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