First Android 2.2 mobile phone: Dell Flash

Dell is apparently preparing an Android 2.2 smartphone, under the title "Flash" it is supposed to come onto the market. The technical data reads promisingly: 800 MHz Qualcomm processor, 5 megapixel camera and an 11 millimeter thin case.

Android 2.2 (codename "Froyo" - Frozen Yogourt) will be based on the Linux kernel 2.6.32 and therefore use less memory. Furthermore, a JIT compiler, OpenGL ES 2.0 and Flash 10.1 support is on board.

From the pictures, Dell has a hot iron in the fire - it remains to be seen when the device will be released and at what price:

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  1. The Dell Flash looks incredibly promising so far and the fact that this is supposed to be the first "FroYo" smartphone makes it even more exciting. In my opinion, it will primarily depend on how well Dell manages to implement the touchscreen operation. Dell products can definitely compete with those from Apple in terms of quality.

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