Störerhaftung: Catalogue of questions and answers published

The Federal Ministry of Economics has question and answer book on the draft law to improve legal certainty. This shows that real progress in the area of "Stoererhaftung" (Breach of Duty of Care) is still not to be expected. is taking the bill and the FAQ that has now been published to court: some of the changes contained in the bill are only pretended and will prevent the spread of free WLAN networks. The free radio operators also see themselves confirmedThe question of when exactly a WLAN hotspot is operated "business-like" - according to the interpretation of freelance radio operators, a private person can also be a "business-like" WLAN operator if the WLAN is made available permanently.

It was also confirmed that although the private WLAN operator must know the names of the users, this does not have to be recorded anywhere in any form - in itself a contradiction, probably you will suddenly have many friends with the name "Max Mustermann". The ministry also admits that the protection of copyright is an important point: "The complete abolition of the "Stoererhaftung" (Breach of Duty of Care) would mean that anyone could access the Internet via someone else's WLAN, access their data and commit copyright violations or crimes.

The draft law in its current form is still controversial even in politics. Thus, the Bavarian Finance Minister Markus Söder (CSU), who is otherwise not known for revolutionary statements, twittered his opinion on the subject:

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For free #WLAN it needs an end to the #Interference liability. We sit in #Berlin for this.

- Markus Söder (@Markus_Soeder) April 7, 2015

In which form a new law on "Stoererhaftung" (Breach of Duty of Care) will come, is therefore still open - it is to be hoped that the law will be significantly revised once again and that it will also become easier to offer a free WLAN in Germany.

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