WLAN above the clouds - with Norwegian

WLAN in airplanes still leads a niche existence, only a few airlines offer this service. Norwegian already offers this service for all passengers on many connections.

WLAN on a Norwegian flight
WLAN on a Norwegian flight

While the Lufthansa and AirBerlin To introduce WiFi during the flight or only offer it on certain routes, the "cheap" airline offers Norwegian already does so on many routes (with the exception of transatlantic routes). WLAN will be activated after the start and can then be used without further ado. If you log on to the WLAN, you will first receive the data of the current flight and an offer of free media.

The speed of the connection is sufficient for "relaxed" surfing - new speed records are not broken, but to read the news, post a Facebook update or otherwise pass the time it is easily enough. If you want, you can of course also be productive and edit emails, for example.

What has to be considered: unlike WLAN, the snacks and drinks are charged at Norwegian. But contrary to WLAN, they can be easily bought at the airport and taken on board. Personally, I can also abstain from the anyway not extensive snack on short distances - I would rather choose WLAN, specially as by this way, the flight attendants are also relieved a little, as they do not have to offer something to each guest.

It remains to be hoped that WLAN will continue to establish itself in the airplane and that other airlines will include it directly in their ticket prices.

4 thoughts on “WLAN über den Wolken – mit Norwegian”

  1. Friedhelm Lindemann

    to the author: odd: Their logic: "While ... only offer on certain routes ... Norwegian already offers this." So: You are linguistically creating a contrast between Airth. and Airberlin on the one hand and Norwegian on the other hand, which in reality - according to your own words - does not exist, because all three offer this service, i.e. Norw. also (only) offers this service.Norwegian does not offer this service to "all" guests, not even on all flights, as you pretend. " instead of WLAN " : You mean exactly: different from WLAN , in contrast to Wlan. Strictly speaking, your comparison between WLAN service and snack service is not correct either...
    It is not about the alternative: snacks or Wlan . But it would surprise me very much if you could take snacks on board with Norwegian .
    kindest : a guest from Norwegian
    Friedhelm Lindemann

  2. I have expressed this a little more precisely once again.

    To the snacks: on the last four stages that I flew with Norwegian it was no problem to bring drinks and food on board as well as to consume them. Of course, it could have been luck/coincidence, but it was always with DY (which seems to make a difference to D8 in ratings).

  3. Friedhelm Lindemann

    Norwegian flights big class. But the ground crew...! Norwegian advertises with WiLAN on board, only to say at the end: "at the moment WLAN is not available". This is apparently not true again. According to messages on the status of the individual flights, some planes are flying with, others without WLAN. But the customer does not know what to expect. So he only knows exactly when he is on board. That is too late!
    Friedhelm Lindemann

  4. It is possible to display under the flight number whether the flight offers W-Lan.
    Nevertheless, it is not always guaranteed that it will work. Sometimes internet pages can be called up, but sending mails is often not possible.
    A message with 'SSL certificate not valid', although I don't have one, denies access. Whatsapp is partly not running either.

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