BayernWLAN: 20,000 WLAN hotspots created with Vodafone

The BayernWLAN, in which 20,000 Wifi access points throughout the state are to be made available, is being further expanded with the help of Vodafone.

BayernWLAN with 20,000 hotspots by 2020
BayernWLAN with 20,000 hotspots by 2020

In Bavaria, WLAN hotspots are to be set up at universities, tourist destinations and public authorities by 2020 - 20,000 in all. This was announced by the Bavarian Finance Minister Markus Söder (CSU) known. The hotspots, some of which are already installed and can be used, are being implemented in cooperation with Vodafone. This is where Vodafone's existing network structure, which has been in place at Vodafone since the acquisition of Kabel Deutschland, comes into play, which can of course also be used for this purpose.

The Bavaria WLAN is free and can be used without registration. There is also no traffic restriction, so that even large quantities of holiday pictures from Bavaria can find their way into the social networks. The WLAN network is managed centrally by the "Zentrale Stelle für Einrichtung und Betrieb der BayernWLAN-Hotspots für Bayern" in Straubing. This is also where communities can register, which are part of the Bavaria WLANs want to be: the Free State bears the costs of the facility, the further operation must be financed by the municipalities or the public operator.

From the user's point of view, the following data are important (Source):

  • SSID: @BavariaWLAN
  • free of charge
  • without time or volume limits

According to its own presentation, Bavaria is the first federal state to operate its own WLAN, which can be accessed throughout the state using the same data. Especially for tourists who do not benefit from European regulations for data roaming, the availability of Internet via WiFi is a welcome gift - after all, there is not a Starbucks branch everywhere.

If you want to use the network, you should still encrypt your data traffic using an VPN connection - after all, you never know who else is on the road in the respective network.

In the near future, I will consciously take care if I can find the BayernWLAN somewhere and then do some speed tests etc. directly. This article will be updated accordingly.

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